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Cervical Spondylosis, commonly caused by cervical spine degeneration (or) abnormal wear on the cartilage. There can be growth or degeneration, and mineral deposits in the disc that may lead to chronic neck pain and neck stiffness. Patients often show limited head flexibility and mobility. Cumulative degeneration can gradually compress cervical spinal nerve roots causing increased pain, as well as, weakness or sensation loss in the arms and legs. Cervical Spondylosis is primarily diagnosed in persons over 40 years of age and incidence increases with age.

Progressive neck pain is a key indication of Cervical Spondylosis. It may be the only symptom in many cases. These changes can, over time, press down on (compress) one or more of the nerve roots. In advanced cases, the spinal cord becomes involved. This can affect not just the arms, but the legs as well. Examination often shows limited ability to bend the head toward the shoulders and limited ability to rotate the head.

 Pain after standing and sitting
 Head ache especially in back of the head
 Numbness or abnormal sensation in shoulders and arms
 When you bend the neck backward
 Feel pain over the shoulder blade
 Pain get worse during nights

Reasons to develop spondylosis:
 Being over weight
 Having the job with more bending& lifting.
 Neck injury
 Gastric problems
 Spine surgery
 Ruptured disc
 Severe arthritis

Why should we go to Nadipathy?
Many of the treatments are available to cure Cervical Spondylosis. But they are giving unnecessary medicines to internal body, that given temporary relief to problem.  It will need much time as months (or) years. Sometimes they are doing harmful surgeries to spine. This will cause side effects to spinal cord.

Nadipathy treated many of Cervical Spondylosis patients without using any medicines.  In our research we find that due to compression of spinal nerves to spinal cord, it does not work properly to function.  So we are giving sufficient energy to spinal cord through certain Nadi’s present in our body. 
We diagnose the problem through:
NADI can be measured in the superficial, middle, and deep levels thus obtaining more information regarding energy imbalance of the patient. 

When the body becomes weak due to any sudden incident or due to food habits or due to changes in the nature. If any one of the Nadi not working properly it multiplies gradually (i.e. 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 ...). decreases its energy .That reflects gradually in the subtle body and it change as disease on the Physical body. Modern Doctors can recognize diseases only at this stage.

Our body is making up with 72,000 Nadi’s, all the Nadi’s are inter-linked to every organ function. If there is any blockage to such Nadi, it does not work properly. So those organs get lack of energy to function normally. Before to the treatment, Nadipathy treats on the root cause of particular Nadi blockage through Nadi diagnosis. 

Treatment method:  
By using Acupuncture, Acupressure, Marma therapy, Vedic therapy, Magnet therapy, Seed therapy, Massage therapy, Cupping therapy, Detoxifation therapy, Naturopathy, Beach sand therapy, and some other natural therapies to remove the waste materials & excess heat present inside the body. We treat the spinal cord function as normal with 0% side effects. The duration of the treatment was 1 day – to 1 week.

Nadipathy treatment will tell you what the healthy lifestyles are for Cervical Spondylosis patients and what kind of life habits should be avoided. Which kind of patients should do some mild exercises and under what circumstances should patients have good rest and totally avoid exercises.

Nadipathy  can not only be used to treated the problem, it can also be used by those that are at high risk of developing chronic problems and healthy people to help prevent other diseases and help strengthen the patient’s physical fitness and make them live more healthier life.

If Nadipathy treatment is received early, it can help prevent the patient’s disease, so as to help avoid entering in to surgeries.


  1. i have a bulge disc C7 \C7 pain thru out shoulders , mainly left side . Down elbow to fingers, and now im having leg cramps and behind my knee! can you help thses problems? they want to do Mobi-C disc replacement!

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